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AirPods...are they any good?

Yesterday I finally was able to pick up a pair of Apple's new AirPods.  I have to say these are some hard to get little guys. But they are turning out to be well worth the wait. First off how did I get them?   I have seen them floating around the internet on many different sites claiming to know when they are in stock at various Apple Stores.  Only one sight worked magically for me the other day.  The winner of this award is the folks over at Isinstock.  These guys send email alerts when various products are in stock.  Now, back to the review.  Upon opening the package, I realized just how truly small these headphones are.  They are truly wireless and sit in a little almost floss sized white case.  The case acts as the charging method as well as the actual case.  They look great.  They pair with you iPhone in a matter of seconds as long as you have iOS 10 or later.  I will provide more info as I begin to use them more and more.  Until next time. --@gartner_andrew.
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Daniel Wellington Watch

So this is not really tech related but I thought I would share a quick story with everyone.  Today, while exploring downtown Columbus, Noticed a new location for one of my favorite shops. Flying Gent had come into my life a few years back while I was attending Columbus State Community College.  When I first visited this shop it was a pop-up-shop inside a local coffee shop.  Now they have their own location.  While in the new location today I noticed these incredibly thin and handsome looking watches for sale.  Hence began my love affair with Daniel Wellington watches.  I picked up the 40mm silver case classic watch with a red, white, and blue nylon strap.  The strap has rose gold hardware that compliments the watch very nicely.  The watch is the thinnest and lightest thing I ever put on my wrist.  I am the kind of guy who has tried many watches from the Apple Watch to Android Wear devices to fossil watches.  I have tried big complicated ones and smaller simpler ones.  This new DW watc…