Apple TV

Today I wanted to talk about the Apple TV.  This is not new and this article is not breaking news.  But I thought I would share with you what I think could be done with this little black box.  Right now it has improved greatly since it was first launched.  The most recent update to the box made it thicker.  This was needed though.  Why you may ask?  Well the new Apple TV has onboard storage, many new components, and can handle games and apps.  This was the big new feature they added.  The ability to have a dedicated Apple TV store.  This is where I have my issues though.  While the store is nice and is consistently growing and evolving as time goes on, it is not enough.  The new device is priced much higher and doesn’t give you a whole lot more.  I cannot connect it to my cable.  I am unable to use t as a DVR.  I also cannot an HD antenna to it.  I can only stream content that comes via the internet. I do have to give it credit for having a solid WIFI experience.  The box keeps a good connection most of the time.  This is a plus actually.  Anyway, the big drawback is the lack of connection options.  This is something that I think they could easily fix.  I say this because as the world of digital media continues to grow and expand there are more options for ways to get your TV without always being tied down to a major provider.  Apple could even start their own bundle and provide it on Apple TV. We will have to see if anything changes as the June announcement comes closer.
Thanks for reading and as always, all products pictured or referenced to in this article are sole property of their owners.  In this case that is Apple Inc.

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