Echo Show

Today Amazon did exactly what we thought they would do.  They released another member to the ever growing Echo lineup.  This time in the form of an Echo with a screen.  It is called the Show.  It looks like a mini computer type thing.  It advertises itself as a unique way to stay in touch with family and friends who also have the device.  I am unsure how it does the calls.  It is most likely though WIFI and their own application set.  But now that we have talked about the new toy, let me give you my opinion of it.  I don’t like it very much.  Here is why.  The device looks like a mini TV.  Like one of those old ones that were tubed.  The Show is really very think.  It is supposed to sit on a table by your bed or something along the lines.  But with its look I am unsure if I would ever want to do that.  The Show uses Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant for everything.  This would be the only redeeming part about this device.  Alexa is actually really good and responds quickly to your requests.  Other than the assistant there is nothing else that good about it though. This is all I really have to say about this topic.  In other news.  Honor is still looking for participants for their beta team.  I am not sure what the selection process is but I have not been selected yet for the fist go round.  They are currently selecting applicants for the second beta round.
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