Microsoft Surface Laptop...What is new?

A very short while ago Microsoft released a new member of the ever growing Surface lineup.  Before we get into this particular addition, let’s chat about Surface in general. The Surface line is Microsofts attempt to make their own devices that run pure Windows.  This means that there are no unwanted programs installed.  These Surface products have gotten significantly better as time has gone by.  More recently the Surface line has increased to include the Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Laptop, and Surface Studio.  With these four main categories, Microsoft has covered the whole spectrum of any users needs.  I had a Surface Book for a while and it was really well built.  This seems to be the trend with the most recent Surface products.  They are well built and run very well.  So, the newest addition to this family is the Surface Laptop.  This is aimed at being a MacBook Air killer.  It starts at $999 USD just like the Air.  Here is a rundown of the specs and then we will talk about the drawbacks.  The laptop runs either an i5 or i7 chipset, up to 512GB SSD, 13.5” PixelSense display, and up to 16GB of RAM.  This is not bad at all.  Now the base model gets you and i5, 4GB RAM, and 128GB SSD. This is not bad at all for the price.  This combined with the power of Windows is a hard bargain to pass by.  At the $999 USD price point the only color option is platinum.  Not sure why you have to jump up to the 1,299 price point to get the rest of the color options.  At that price you do get bumped up to 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD.  The five color options are burgundy, platinum, cobalt blue, and graphite gold.  These color options are interesting. The platinum looks best in my mind.  Now the keyboards are coated in this fabric material that was brought to our attentions with the Surface Pro line.  This is a point they make a big deal of.  I do not think this sells the laptop though.  The drawbacks are not many but there is one big one that should be brought up.  The Surface Laptop will run s version of Windows called Windows S.  S stands for speed.  This version of Windows is much lighter than the normal versions and only allows for apps to be dowloaded and purchased from the Windows Store.  They do say that you can upgrade to the Pro version of Windows 10 for a small fee.  We will have to see what other drawbacks this light fast version of Windows brings.  This laptop is also aimed at college students the most.
Anyway thanks for reading and as always, all products pictured or referenced to in this article are sole property of their owners.

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